Projects Description: Complete Remodel of 1,300 Sq ft. Guesthouse Project Features: leveling correction of hillside home sitting on caissons. Project Duration: 8 months

Project Description: Remodel of existing 4,500 Sq ft home Project Features: Fast Track Completion of Project. Project Duration: 8 months

Project Description: New construction of 4,400 Sq ft Project Features: Hillside construction in Equestrian zoning Duration: 1 year

Project Description: Complete Remodel of 8,000 Sq ft of existing home Project Features: Weather challenges due to construction taking place during one of California’s wettest winter months.

Project Description: 16,000 Sq ft Home – New construction Project Features: Many Grading Challenges due to Home Being Built on an Elevated pad. Project Duration: 2 years

Projects Description: 20,000 Sq ft Home – New Construction Project Features: Building of Home surrounded by Bel Air Country Club Golf Course. Project Duration: 2 years 6 months